Guild W Game Tutorial Contest #1 Dark Forest
December 6th, 2021

Guild W is the first on-chain e-sports team, incubated by MarrowDAO. The main members are Solidity developers, node operators, blockchain game players and investment analysts. All members are loyal players of the Dark Forest.

We believes in the future of native blockchain games and in the power of technology. In order to achieve our mission, we are now launching a long-term GameFi Tutorial Contest.

The theme of the first contest is the Dark Forest, a decentralized MMO space-conquest game built on zkSNARK.


Accepted languages:

English, Chinese, Japanese

Publication platform:

How to Participate:

(1) Post a link to the article on Twitter with the hashtags #GameFi #GuildW and #darkforest, along with @marrowdao and @darkforest_eth

(2) Attach a picture at the end of the post:

(3) Share the link of your tweet on the #1-dark-forest channel of the #TutorialContest category on Guild W discord server:


Best Technical Analysis Award (1):

100 XDAI, Winner POAP

An analysis of any technical knowledge point related to the Dark Forest.

Best Strategic Analysis (1):

100 XDAI, Winner POAP

What strategies have you used to win in past Dark Forest rounds?

Best Game Guide Award (1):

100 XDAI, Winner POAP

A guide to the Dark Forest game written for new players.

Best Brainstorming Award (1):

100 XDAI, Winner POAP

What would your ideal Dark Forest look like? Imagine a Dark Forest competition where you make the rules.

Rabbit Hole Exploration Award (8):

25 XDAI, Winner POAP

Share your experience of jumping down this rabbit hole (DF) for the first time.

All participants will receive a special POAP as a souvenir.

! If you haven't played Dark Forest before and don't have any whitelist keys for any rounds, you can ask admins for keys on our discord's #wandererkeys channel.

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